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Uniform Collection

30 Aug

Yes, I edited this post. I am changing styles. =] Some school girls and boys in the works. Here is a sample. -S


sample 2



Mermaid button

21 Aug

In future posts we will be featuring new designs for miscellaneous buttons that will be sold as singles. =] Here is a cute mermaid as an example.


SB Meeting

14 Aug

The benefit of a productive meeting has resulted in stunning, as well as promising, creations. We have also provided a peek at another item that will be available from SBCharms: Hand folded paper stars that have been individually sewn together into vibrant and charming bracelets. Surely to be a conversation piece as far as paper crafted jewelry is concerned.
We have also ventured off into the designs of individual buttons that will be on display, rather than the previously posted Button sets. Only existing as B sketches now, S will get her hands into the digital reformation state, making these adorable characters come to life!

With affection- B

Second Drawing

5 Aug

Here is Makimachi Misao from Rurouni Kenshin. My second test drawing which actually required quite a bit of sanding. -S


Gift Boxes Preview

2 Aug

I don’t remember if I mentioned we will be selling button sets, but we will be =]. So here are a few variations of how these gift boxes would be presented. This is subject to change. If we do decide on these pillow boxes, we will have a display board for everyone to know which set of buttons are in each box. Or you can decide from our table and we’ll gladly just give you the appropriate one. More designs to come!